Data Center

In today’s world, business operations depend on electronic data management in order to function at a competitive level. These vital data need to be protected from unexpected events to prevent downtime, decrease in production efficiency, and other events that are harmful to the business. All these factors make your Data Center the core of your business. Data Center is the focus of IT efforts to optimize, protect, and expand businesses.

NetXperts is equipped with a team of professionals aimed to help with design and build of the building data center and protect businesses. This team of professionals is ready to design a customized solution that will fit any business’s needs flawlessly. Whether it is reliability, continuity, security, flexibility, speed, power, anything else that businesses require, NetXperts delivers and can provide the knowledge and expertise. Netxperts will help optimize your data center by sharing expertise around consolidation and management. NetXperts can introduce a standards-based environment. NetXperts can show you how take advantage of your existing space and at the same time reduce facilities and power costs.

  • Cisco Nexus Solutions
  • Cisco Nexus UCS (Unified Computing Systems)
  • Monitoring
  • Power
  • Storage
  • Electrical (California C-7 Contractor License #869161)
  • Cabling
  • Applications
  • Fire Suppression

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