Considering the economic downturn, a CIO’s top priority for the year 2011 is virtualization of data, storage, and data center.

The old model of one server one application is seen to be costly as IT spends too much time supporting and managing underutilized servers. Businesses are seeing the advantage of implementing virtualization of data, storage, and data center, dramatically increasing the efficiency and availability of resources and applications.

NetXperts works alongside customers to provide them a road map to consolidate their resources and applications, reduce the hardware and operational cost, lower TCO, and obtain high ROI. The network as the platform assists customers to build a secure, scalable, and cost-effective virtualization solution.

We can provide the following solutions:

  • Consolidation of servers
  • Consolidation of service contracts
  • Consolidation of space
  • Significant power savings
  • Significant personal savings

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